The Rise of FinTechs

At the start of this century, financial technology start-ups had started disrupting the FI primarily in the payments, loyalty, lending, wealth management, financial planning and insurance domains. The credit card industry had come a long way from the Diners Club card to ATM machines and using credit cards over the Internet for e-commerce transactions. The […]

Equity Research FinTechs

Equity research in the investing world is summarily defined as researching about equity and associated products like mutual funds, etc. to provide a buy/sell recom-mendation to an investor. Though the term indicates research related to equities only, in the real world the same has been extended to multiple other elements like com-modities, real estate, etc. […]

Socially Responsible Investing

It is an investing concept that believes that financial return and social good can go hand-in-hand. The concepts that define social good typically converge upon the following areas: environment, social justice and corporate governance. This kind of investing could be divided into two approaches: (1) only scanning the investing options for their adherence to social […]

Automated Investing.

Automated investing is more commonly referred to as robo-advising in the wealth management industry. Robo-advising is done by robo-advisor platforms or auto-mated investment services that use computational algorithms to manage customers’ investments. There are multiple different types of robo-advisor platforms depend-ing on the extent of automation they apply to manage an individual’s investment. The typical […]

Financial Advice

Established investment banks would typically offer financial advice to only high networth individuals (HNI), i.e., individuals with a certain basic minimum cor-pus, usually thousands of dollars and above, available for investing. Increasing wealth of the middle class globally and multiple avenues available for financial literacy including the Internet, has resulted in dramatic increase in the […]

FinTechs in a Wealth Management Industry

The wealth management industry has been the third industry after the lending and payment industry, that has been disrupted the most by FinTechs. The FinTech dis-ruption in the wealth management industry has been centered around the financial management and wealth advisory functions that were usually performed by the investment banks. The typical customers for most […]


In crowdfunding, a number of investors or lenders contribute financially toward the expenses that a project has incurred or would be incurring. Also in crowdfund-ing, the amount of contributions and the desired outcome varies across investor and lending communities. Crowdfunding has a long history of existence and has been done in the past for multiple […]


In most of the emerging nations like China, India, Brazil and Bangladesh there are people who could not get loans through normal banking channels. In these countries, FinTechs have emerged in the last 10–15 years, that are running their business as a profit/nonprofit organization, with a motive to alleviate poverty. Recently this has become a lucrative […]

Payday Lending

Payday lending is an unsecured loan of a small amount of money with a very short payback period, and the payback is usually deducted from the next paycheck of the individual. People would largely take these loans to meet financial commitments like paying for car insurance, etc. The financial commitments for an individual seeking payday […]

Online Lending (B2B/B2C)

The digital channels have revolutionized the entire online lending space. Unlike most P2P lenders who act as merely a marketplace that facilitates lending by enabling investors to lend directly to the borrowers, online lenders use their own funds to lend to either businesses or consumers. Depending on the regulatory requirements, almost all of these online […]