POS Systems…

Retailers today use a POS system that is typically near the exit of the store or at the end of a particular section of the store, and these POS systems are fixed or station-ary. The new concept which is gaining ground is having a POS solution on a tablet or a phone, and the billing […]

Applications Supporting Wallets

Besides the digital wallets discussed above, there are applications that work as an enabler for using wallets. There are FinTechs that have developed these enabler applications separately or as part of the standard wallet. Some of the enabler appli-cations provided by a wallet service are: A password manager utility along with a digital wallet. Usually […]

Digital Wallets

Digital wallets as explained above are solutions that provide a common interface for conducting payments online or through a mobile device. The wallets in turn store the credit card details, identity details, shipping and invoicing information and even could store loyalty-related information. The wallets that store this infor-mation on a server are called server-side wallets. […]

Multichannel Digital Wallets

With the introduction of wallet companies like PayPal in the late 1990s, the wal-let revolution had already begun, but it was intensified with the advancement in mobile technology and the availability of client-side scripting technology. With the launch of the first generation iPhone the smartphone industry and later other mobile devices transformed the way business […]